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Organizational Challenges


Physicians may encounter complex challenges in dealing with the organizational and emotional environment within which they are working. Unfortunately, some features of this work environment may compromise the physician’s current efforts to establish and maintain a meaningful and fulfilling career and may contribute to the physician’s experience of futility, personal exhaustion and burnout.

Every physician working within a particular organizational and emotional environment experiences their own personal response to the organizational dynamic in which they are working - as do each of their colleagues. Every physician is also in a constant state of conscious and unconscious emotional interaction with the organizational and emotional environment within which they are working. Such these circumstances may result in an overwhelming stress that drains the physician’s energy, impairs their level of functioning and lessens their sense of personal satisfaction in their work.

It is very important that a physician is able to understand the dynamics of the organizational environment in which they work and that they understand their own personal experience within this environment. It is also very important that a physician be able to preserve a clear sense of their own professional identity and values and to develop a clear sense of what they need within a workplace setting.


In some situations a physician may be able to adapt more effectively to the environment in which they are working. In other situations a physician might undertake to initiate a process of change in the organizational environment – a change intended to bring about an improvement in the level of understanding and support provided to physicians working in this setting. It may also be necessary for a physician seek a more supportive organizational environment in which to work.

In some circumstances a physician may explore a career alternative based on their interests, their strengths and their personal ideals.