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  • Physician Coaching

    Paul Finnegan, B.A. M.D. M.A.


I am committed to helping fellow physicians address the challenges they are encountering in their professional lives so that they can experience ongoing personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

In my previous 30 years of experience as a psychoanalyst I have learned about the wide variety of challenges that physicians encounter in their professional lives. These complex challenges may lead to valued professional goals not being met, to a sense of futility and to personal exhaustion – all of which may have a dreadful impact on personal and family life. My more recent training as a Certified Physician Development Coach has focused my attention on the process of coaching physicians to address their current challenge – a challenge which may be personal, relational and/or organizational.

The physician coaching process that I provide will focus on the particular current challenge that you are facing. I will make use of my background experience as a psychoanalyst to help you develop a deeper understanding of the personal, relational and/or organizational dynamics that may have contributed to the challenge you are facing - and that may have impeded your efforts to resolve them. Our shared thoughtful exploration of these issues will provide an opportunity for personal growth, help you to address the challenge you are dealing with and support your achievement of your self-chosen goal. I want you to feel authentically your ‘true' self and to experience a sense of fulfillment in both your professional life and your personal life.