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DISC Assessment


The DISC assessment is designed to provide for you an understanding of your style of behavior and communication as you interact with others.

My own experience of having completed the DISC assessment, and having been debriefed on it by a certified colleague, led to my enthusiastic appreciation of the DISC and to my training in a course on the DISC assessment offered by Target Training International. I am now certified to provide a structured review and debriefing of your DISC assessment report and will be pleased to engage in this process with you.

You might be wondering what the acronym DISC stands for. The DISC assessment appraises people along four dimensions of relational styles – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The DISC process provides a well-validated assessment of one’s use of each of these equally valued behavioral styles and it identifies one’s characteristic style of relating to, and communicating with, others in the workplace. Insight into the nature of your behavioral and communicative style, and awareness to its impact upon others, will lead to more effective communications, to greater trust and to improvements in the quality of your relationships with others.

Our review and debriefing of your DISC assessment will help you to understand how you interact with other people and how you communicate with them. In this process you will develop a more comprehensive understanding of your own behavioral and communicative style that will help you become more flexible and more effective in your work with other people.

You will also learn to identify and appreciate the DISC styles of other people and this awareness will also help you to communicate more effectively with co-workers whose styles, priorities and preferences differ from yours - as well as with colleagues whose styles, priorities and preferences are similar to yours.

Learning how to adapt your style of communication to the nature and needs of others in your workplace will lead to your being heard more clearly and to more effective workplace relationships. And another benefit of your understanding of the DISC styles will be that you will be able to tell others, in a thoughtful and practical way, how best to communicate with you.

I will be pleased to arrange a DISC assessment for you and to offer you a comprehensive review and debriefing.